The Best Specialist Dr. Sclerotherapy Des Plaines

If you are much like me, then you would agree that there are at least a few other options of getting rid of varicose veins besides surgery. One of which is Sclerotherapy. Des Plaines Sclerotherapy

The best way of explaining Sclerotherapy is a procedure that gradually gets rid of varicose veins through the injection of a solution that kills the affected veins. This said, it important to note that Sclerotherapy Des Plaines should be done by specialists. These specialists will know how to handle you before, during and after the procedure. For starters, you are advised to avoid a number of medications prior to the procedure. You are also advised to avoid rigorous exercise or use of muscles immediately after the procedure.

Much as this process is easy, do not be fooled into thinking it is completely painless. Sclerotherapy Des Plaines comes with some pain and discomfort both during and immediately after the procedure. The pain however, does fade far faster than in any other procedure. I would vouch for this procedure over any other any day!


The Best laser resurfacing- Charming Skin & Veins clinics

Laser resurfacing is the treatment to reduce wrinkles and skin irregularities such as acne scars and blemishes. Resurfacing removes the layer of the skin tissues in fractionated method to help reduce the age –spots fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven colouration, skin laxity, textural irregularities, dull tone, and a thinned collagen layer of the face, neck, and chest. This popular procedure is also called laser abrasion, laser peel and laser vaporization. For the best laser resurfacing in Chicago, Orland Park and Oak Brook, contact Charming Skin & Veins clinics.

acene scar

Our laser resurfacing treatment

We use the newest version of laser resurfacing that is CO2 laser resurfacing. The CO2 laser resurfacing (fractionated CO2) is best to treat spots and wrinkles. For acne scars laser resurfacing and wrinkle laser resurfacing, it uses very short pulsed light energy known as ultra-pulse or continuous light beams that are delivered in a scanning pattern to remove the thin layers skin with minimal skin damage. Its recovery almost takes two weeks. Our clinics use the state of art SmartSkin machine by Cynosure, which is regarded as the best and most modern technique. When it comes to fractional laser resurfacing treatment, do feel free to contact our experts in Chicago for laser resurfacing.

How is the Laser resurfacing Chicago procedure performed?

Before digging deep to know how Laser resurfacing Chicago procedure performed, here is the brief description telling, what is Chicago laser resurfacing? It is a popular cosmetic treatment that helps people get rid of their skin irregularities, such as wrinkles, pimples, acne scars, pigmentation, blemishes and signs of ageing.

acne scars

Whether you are opting acne scars laser resurfacing or wrinkles laser resurfacing, the technique they use to treat them is almost same, but the intensity of laser light they use differs. To get the treatment done, they direct short concentrated pulsating of light at uneven or irregular skin by removing a lean skin films one by one.

Laser resurfacing Chicago clinic serving Orland Park and Oak brook applies the necessary anesthetic cream to your irregular skin, and then uses the hand-held wand or paddle equipment to transmit the laser light beam over the skin.


The procedure takes between 30 to 90 minutes to complete, and once the procedure over, the surgeon applies antibiotic cream and cover the treated area with a bandage. After one day, you will need to clean the treated areas four to five times on everyday basis, for a few days. You also need to apply a prescribed ointment or petroleum jelly to prevent scabs from forming, until advised. Swelling after laser skin resurfacing is normal, which can be relieved.

Charming Skin & Vein Clinics For the Best Non-Surgical Facelift in Chicago

Want to get rid of the frightful aging signs like facial scars, blemishes, acne, wrinkles, fine lines and age spots? Charming Skin & Vein Clinic has the best non-surgical facelift treatment in Chicago Restylane, Orland Park and Oak Brook Restylane. It is the most effective facial reversing treatment that helps you to enhance the appearance of your face without letting you undergo terrible facial surgeries.


Non surgical facelift’s procedures are not painful. They have very few side effects like minor discomfort in the form of heating sensation, which is completely treatable. Don’t worry; this treatment is 100% safe for men and women with all skin types who want to achieve a younger looking skin within 3 months.


The treatment will not consume your much time. To get it done you just need to attend a few skin treating sessions at the best non-surgical facelift treatment provider of your area. Depending on everyday facial workout, you will see the improvement in color and tautness in your skin within 3 to 4 weeks. To achieve the overall fresher and youthful look you have to wait, as it comes gradually after 3 months.  If you live in Chicago consider going to Charming Skin & Vein Clinics for the best non surgical facelift results.

All You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

The removal of unwanted hair from the body has always perplexed so many women from across the globe. Which way to go – natural or cosmetic? What products to use? Will razor be good or wax? Questions like these always dawn in every woman’s mind across the globe. And the situation gets worsened in case of mid-aged women when wrinkles start stepping in.


So, what’s the most long-lasting hair removal technique for one and all? If you ask us, we shall direct you to laser hair removal. If you are located in Chicago, Oak Brook and Orland Park, you would be pleased to know that laser hair removal in Chicago is regarded as the best. So, drop by a good laser hair specialist centre, like Charming Skin & Vein Clinics, to experience a vibrant and lively skin sans any unwanted hair.

Still unsure whether to go to a Chicago laser hair removal centre or not? Here’s furnishing the benefits of laser hair removal just for you:

  1. Its speed: Compared to electrolysis – another permanent hair reduction solution – laser hair removal is a much speedier process: reason numerous women go for laser hair removal over anything else.
  2. A safe measure: Laser therapies are extremely safe measures for undergoing any type of treatment. However, pay adequate attention in choosing the best laser removal centre.
  3. Its highly effective: Although it does not promise or claim permanent hair removal, it does promise permanent hair reduction. Almost 97% people have experienced minimal hair regrowth after undergoing laser therapies.
  4. Almost no pain: People who have undergone laser treatment for hair removal claim that they have experienced nil to minimal pain during and after procedure – much lesser than the electrolysis treatment and even waxing!

So, don’t wait anymore and book your appointment today with the best Chicago laser hair removal centre!

Symptoms for Varicose Veins That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Varicose veins are the bluish purplish veins that literally protrude out of your skin in legs. As ugly as it may seem, it also causes much pain to the suffering person. Furthermore, what makes this disease all the worse is the fact that people generally disregard this issue as a case of cosmetic dermatology rather than a disease little knowing that if ignored, varicose veins may even cause fatal diseases like deep vein thrombosis.


So, if you are noticing swollen veins in legs in Chicago, ignore them not and consult with a reputed dermatologist today. Here are some other symptoms of varicose veins:

1. The veins appear swollen in legs, often changing their shapes to twisted and bulging formations – much like chords – this may be a signal of varicose veins.

2. The veins become exceedingly painful to touch with discoloration spreading across the entire legs.

3. Itching sensation and irritation around those veins, which may get worsen if you stand for long. If you notice such sensations across the swollen veins in legs in Chicago, visit a reputed dermatologist without delay.

4. Formation of skin ulcers and bleeding from those twisted legs should not be ignored as well as it denotes extreme cases of varicose veins.

A Brief Knowhow of Sclerotherapy in Chicago

If you are someone dealing with varicose veins for quite some time, you will know how painful the condition may be sometimes. And with the winters coming in full-fledged, the condition is bound to worsen. However, you are from Orland Park, Chicago or Oak Brook area, you are in luck for the varicose veins doctors in Chicago’s Charming Skin and Vein Clinics have brought to you easy yet effect laser treatment called sclerotherapy to help you bid goodbye to varicose veins.

Here’s a little knowhow on what sclerotherapy actually is:

1. Who can undergo sclerotherapy?

Any person over the age of 18 years is eligible to undergo this laser treatment. Sclerotherapy can help treat not only varicose veins but also large and deep vascular issues and spider veins as well. However, according to the eminent varicose veins doctors in Chicago, you cannot have tanned skin while undergoing the treatment.

2. Description of sclerotherapy.

In sclerotherapy, 940nm diode laser, 910nm Radio Frequency systems, Intense Pulsed Light systems or Pulsed Dye Lasers are generally used. The laser beam, in the process, is turned on for a fraction of a second; the light thus emitted gets absorbed selectively by the hemoglobin pigment in the legs. This injures the lining of the blood vessels, which close over and fades within few days. A hypertonic saline chemical is also injected by the varicose veins doctors in Chicago – it is known as sclerosant. This helps the blood vessels to close down quickly and permanently.

3. How much is the healing time?

The area which had undergone sclerotherapy may appear to be red and puffy for some time. Some patients also see the area covered by bruises and blisters that vanishes within 8-10 days. The entire area takes around a month and a half to get cleared properly. Post that, your varicose veins doctors  in Chicago may call for another sitting.